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The flags are born……

    Dave Butler Sr., of Cooperstown, New York  is retired. He is also a disabled U.S. Navy combat-wounded veteran from the Vietnam war.   He is very active in veterans activities and causes and known locally as a fierce advocate for patriotism.   Working in his woodshop a while back,  he was asked by his daughter in-law to make a wooden American flag as a birthday gift for his son Dave Jr.  When the flag was later displayed on a building, he had more requests for flags to be made and they started appearing quite frequently. Dave signs the back of each flag as best he can “Proudly made in Fly Creek, NY, USA, DKB/SR”

    In addition, when a flag was sent out of state, it resulted in requests for several more to be made and delivered.  Hence, the beginning.  Because Dave has Parkinson’s disease, he needed a hand to keep up in the shop so he hired a close friend and local contractor, Ben Anderson, to help him.

    Dave and Ben are busy now almost full time making the flags, although sometimes Dave is limited in time on the projects because of health issues.  In any event, wanting to keep the flags as they started out…being individually hand-crafted, Dave has decided to keep things as they are and the result is ten or so flags a week that can be completed.  So, sometimes when ahead, flags can be shipped when the order is received, and sometimes there will be a wait.   Read more about the process of each flag by clicking here.